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The compliance environment for Colleges and Universities is changing faster than ever. And the need to protect their students, faculty, staff – and reputation – is unprecedented.  Not only do they need to implement comprehensive compliance and risk programs, they need to develop strong risk cultures, encouraging ethical behavior at every turn.  This is their new normal.
Access Compliance EDU helps executives and administrators transform their infrastructures – and cultures – with robust technology and top-notch content.
We currently offer three issue-specific Access Compliance EDU portals:

Each portal integrates the compliance tools and content you need to effectively manage your compliance program and specific high-risk issues.


  1. Policy and Procedure Management
    > Centralize policy administration > Maintain key policy information - Standard and custom attributes > Simplify life cycle management
  2. Education and Training Management
    > Select from CFM-designed course libraries > Upload existing training content - PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc. > Tailor courses to your policies and procedures
  3. Compliance Assessments/Surveys
    > Conduct needs-analysis surveys - Customizable data-gathering tool > Mirror internal processes - Flexible workflows and follow-up
  4. Content Distribution and Tracking
    > Control who sees what and when > Find critical information easily - Flexible filters and content searches > Track policy usage, course completion, and attestations