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  1. Risk-X for NCAA

Risk-X for Athletic Programs

Preventing Sexual Violence and Harassment
The NCAA Board recently adopted a sexual violence prevention policy that requires coaches, student-athletes, and athletics administrators to complete sexual violence prevention education each year. The new policy also states that leaders on each NCAA campus must attest annually that coaches, student-athletes, and athletics administrators are  educated on the topic.
Risk-X offers sexual violence prevention and harassment training that can be tailored to reflect your institution’s sexual violence prevention plan and related policies and procedures. The portal gives you the ability to track completion data and record student-athletes', coaches', and administrators' acknowledgment.

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Stronger risk management leads to smarter, safer student-athletes.
In the world of college sports, effective policies and procedures are critical to protecting the health of student-athletes and ensuring compliance with NCAA and institutional standards. Institutions expend substantial resources developing, refining, and implementing these policies and procedures. In the end, however, they are only effective to the extent they are communicated to and understood by athletes and staff. 
In today’s fast-paced, information-filled world, relying on
antiquated methods of policy dissemination and check-the-
box compliance is insufficient. Policy information needs to be
communicated effectively, and user review and acknowledgment monitored and tracked.

To help institutions achieve these goals, CFM has developed Risk-X, a comprehensive, cloud-based, risk-management solution for athletic programs.

Stronger Risk Management - Smarter, Safer Student-Athletes


The Risk-X Portal provides athletes, coaches, and staff with a centralized and readily available platform for communicating, sharing, managing, and tracking information.
Manage.  The Portal simplifies the challenging process of organizing and maintaining policies and procedures. This functionality allows policies to be easily maintained, reviewed, updated, and tracked.
Communicate.  Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is a constant challenge. The Portal provides athletes, coaches, and staff with a single, shared location for all relevant information, including policies, procedures, training courses, documents, and reference materials.  Alerts and automated e-mails notify users of training and acknowledgment responsibilities.    
Educate.  Policy is often best communicated through targeted training that is audience-appropriate (e.g., athletes, coaches, and staff). CFM develops 15- to 20-minute Knowledge Blocks™ that address high-risk topics and can be tailored to incorporate your institution's policies and procedures. Courses for 2017 include:
  • Code of Conduct
  • Concussion Awareness
  • Gifts and Entertainment
  • Hazing
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Use of Social Media
Track.  Risk-X tracks each user’s acknowledgment of new, or changes to, policies and procedures, as well as user review and completion statistics.


  1. Policy and Procedure Management
    > Centralize policy administration > Maintain key policy information - Standard and custom attributes > Simplify life cycle management
  2. Education and Training Management
    > Select from CFM-designed course libraries > Upload existing training content - PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc. > Tailor courses to your policies and procedures
  3. Compliance Assessments/Surveys
    > Conduct needs-analysis surveys - customizable data-gathering tool > Mirror internal processes - flexible workflows and follow-up
  4. Content Distribution and Tracking
    > Control who sees what and when > Find critical information easily - Flexible filters and content searches > Track policy usage, course completion, and attestations.