As the industry adapts to and prepares for the implementation of the DOL’s fiduciary rule, the challenges faced by firms in operationalizing the requirements continue to mount.  The impacts to its employees, systems, processes, and business models are immense and the pressure is on to accelerate implementation plans.

From keeping pace with the onslaught of regulatory changes -- to managing and communicating rapidly changing policies and procedures -- to providing the right education, a firm needs an all-encompassing solution. Our DOL Fiduciary Program is comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective. We can help you monitor the rapidly changing regulatory environment, educate your Advisors, Supervisors and other staff, and modernize your business and compliance processes.

The pace of regulatory change resulting from the DOL’s fiduciary rule is accelerating.  Now more than ever firms need a reliable, go-to resource to keep up.  CFM’s Regulatory Monitoring tool provides compliance and risk personnel the ability to easily stay current on regulatory and industry changes, and be alerted to those changes most relevant them.  CFM has partnered with a leading financial services compliance consultant,  Accordo , to enhance this tool with intuitive and forward-looking insights into how these changes may impact their business policies, procedures and processes.

The DOL’s fiduciary rule raises the bar on education.  CFM’s Fiduciary Education Program is designed to provide advisors and other client-facing employees, and their supervisors, with a fundamental understanding of the rule and its requirements. Additionally, the Program offers role-specific training courses related to fiduciary obligations under the rule. Designed to be flexible and easily customized, the Program includes an extensive library of courses addressing fiduciary responsibilities, compliance and sales practice issues, and product and planning topics.  Representative courses include ​Understanding the Fiduciary Standard, Managing Fiduciary Status, and Rollovers, Transfers, and Distributions.  

While the implementation of the fiduciary rule presents major challenges to firms, it also presents an opportunity to modernize, streamline, and improve their business and compliance operations.  CFM’s cloud-based GRC platform, Access Compliance FS™, offers a suite of compliance management tools that help firms more efficiently conduct their compliance tasks, manage their risks, and improve their business performance.