As firms transition to fiduciary models in response to regulatory and market changes, they need to ensure that training programs provide advisors with the knowledge and skills required to meet fiduciary obligations. CFM’s Fiduciary Awareness and Education Program is an innovative and flexible solution designed to meet the industry's need. Developed with input from several of the industry's most successful firms, the Program provides a comprehensive library of courses addressing essential fiduciary topics as well as product, practice management, and sales practices issues.
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Core Curriculum​​

​​​​​Fiduciary Awareness
This course provides an overview of the current regulatory and business environment with respect to the fiduciary standard and investment advice, and the duties of advisors when acting in a fiduciary capacity.
Fiduciary Investment Advice​​​​​​​
This course provides an overview of the fiduciary standard as it applies to investment advice, as well as the obligations of advisors when acting in a fiduciary capacity.
  ​​​​​​​IRA Rollover Recommendations    
This course provides an overview of the responsibilities of advisors when advising clients regarding IRA rollovers and important client and fiduciary considerations that must be taken into account when determining whether an IRA rollover is appropriate for a client.   

​​Ongoing Curriculum​​

The ongoing curriculum is designed to provide financial advisors with advanced knowledge and competency required to meet fiduciary obligations and provide advice consistent with the best interest and prudent person standards. Along with courses addressing specific fiduciary roles, responsibilities, and best practices, the curriculum includes an extensive library of wealth management and advisory courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge of investment practices and planning and portfolio management techniques. Examples of courses available as part of the ongoing curriculum include:​​​​​​​​​​
  • Complex Products: Sales Practice Considerations
  • Introduction to Retirement Planning
  • Understanding IRAs
  • Variable Annuities: Share Class Considerations
  • Investment Recommendations and the Best Interest Standard​​​​
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Review
  • Portfolio Risk Measurement and Management

Program Features​​

Role-Specific Training – Specific fiduciary roles and responsibilities can have different implications for advisors who serve different client bases and offer different products and services to clients. For this reason, the Program is designed to address these differences and includes courses developed to meet role- and business model-specific training needs on an ongoing basis.

Initial Fiduciary Awareness Training
Designed to help firms meet immediate training needs and provide advisors with an understanding of the regulatory environment and fiduciary concepts required to respond effectively to client questions and prepare for the transition to a fiduciary role.

Ongoing Fiduciary Education
For advisors transitioning to a fiduciary role, the Program includes in-depth and ongoing training on fiduciary obligations and best practices.

Investment Product and Planning Training
Ongoing product and planning training designed to provide advisors with knowledge essential to meeting fiduciary obligations under the best interest and prudent person standards.

Tailored Content
Courses can be tailored to incorporate firm-specific business models, policies, procedures, and processes into the Program’s content and organization. This ensures that training is highly relevant and as comprehensive as possible.
The Fiduciary Awareness and Education Program is hosted and distributed via Access Compliance FS, CFM Partners' comprehensive GRC platform. The exclusive Content Distribution and Tracking features of the platform allow administrators to ensure the right people see the right information at the right time, using Push-by-Profile distribution and customized audience assignments. Tracking allows managers to monitor course progress and completion, and acknowledgment of Program notifications. 

The Fiduciary Awareness and Education Program resides in the cloud, where it is accessible on demand and is maintained, updated, and supported by CFM’s team of experts.