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Global Asset Managers
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Enterprise Compliance and Risk
Global Wealth Managers
Independent RIAs
Institutional Broker Dealers

Global Asset Managers

By using Access Compliance FS, our clients successfully:
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase employee confidence
  • Reduce risk of noncompliance
  • Reduce opportunity costs
  • Reduce uncertainty
The need for Global Asset Managers to closely monitor compliance with existing and new regulations in the US and globally has intensified.  As a result, there is an urgency to strengthen their compliance and risk processes across multiple countries – at the same time. 
Access Compliance FS – Global Asset Managers enables them to get the job done with precision, control, and ease. In addition to the standard Access Compliance FS tools, the Global Asset Managers portal offers enhanced features such as:
  • Education Programs
    • ​​​Compliance Associate Professional Development
    • Supervisory Education
  • Course Libraries
    • Alternative Investments
    • ​Asset Management Compliance 
    • FINRA CE
    • Institutional Compliance
    • Supervisory        


  1. Policy and Procedure Management
    > Centralize policy administration > Maintain key policy information - Standard and custom attributes > Simplify life cycle management
  2. Education and Training
    ** Enhanced **
    Education Programs ​ - ​​Compliance Associate Professional Development - Supervisory Education Course Libraries - Alternative Investments ​ - Asset Management Compliance - FINRA CE - Institutional Compliance - Supervisory
  3. Compliance Forms and Disclosure Management
    > Automate forms and processes easily to track - Outside Business Activities - Gifts and Entertainment - Political contributions - Others
  4. Compliance Assessments/Surveys
    > Conduct needs-analysis surveys - customizable data-gathering tool > Mirror internal processes - flexible workflows and follow-up
  5. Branch Exams/Audit Management
    > Automate and track the exam process > Create exam forms, schedule exams, and resolve deficiencies more efficiently > View detailed reports online
  6. Content Distribution and Tracking
    > Control who sees what and when > Find critical information easily - Flexible filters and content searches > Track policy usage, course completion, and attestations.


Access Compliance FS is flexible. 

Access Compliance FS is configured to deliver information that is directly relevant to the role, responsibilities and environment of every user when and where it is needed, thereby enhancing employee productivity while embedding compliance in your business practices. 

You can brand Access Compliance FS applications and integrate them with your existing business systems and processes for a seamless user experience.

Access Compliance FS is practical. 

As Access Compliance is modularly designed, you can easily deploy  the components your team needs.

Access Compliance FS is fast.

Access Compliance’s technology leverages SaaS to take the strain off your IT resources, enable rapid implementation, and ease integration with existing systems and workflows. 

Access Compliance FS is comprehensive. 

Access Compliance’s rich online capabilities provide a comprehensive and an actionable approach to managing an effective compliance program.
> Publish and maintain policies and procedures across roles in the organization

> Integrate policies, training, and education

> Track and report on employee awareness and adherence

> Map policies and procedures to various risks, controls and compliance requirements

> Align corporate, business group, and country-specific policies – at the end-user level – to ensure users see only the policies they need to do their jobs, to stay compliant, and to stay productive