Cloud-based GRC Tools

We build easy-to-use, cloud-based applications to help with the difficult tasks associated with managing GRC.
  1. Policy and Procedure Management
    > Centralize policy administration > Maintain key policy information - Standard and custom attributes > Simplify life cycle management
  2. Education and Training Management
    > Select from CFM-designed course libraries > Upload existing training content - PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc. > Tailor courses to your policies and procedures
  3. Assessments/Surveys
    > Conduct needs-analysis surveys - Customizable data-gathering tool > Mirror internal processes - Flexible workflows and follow-up
  4. Forms and Disclosure Management
    > Automate forms and processes easily to track - Outside Business Activities - Gifts and Entertainment - Political Contributions - Others
  5. Audit Management
    > Automate and track the exam process > Create exam forms, schedule exams, and resolve deficiencies more efficiently > View detailed reports online
  6. Content Distribution and Tracking
    > Control who sees what and when > Find critical information easily - Flexible filters and content searches > Track policy usage, course completion, and attestations
  7. Regulatory Change Management
    > Access headlines from regulatory authorities - such as the SEC, FINRA, MSRB, etc. >Review recent enforcement actions > Link to related firm polices and/or procedures
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We, then, integrate these tools into meaningful cloud portals to meet specific industry, function, or high-risk topic requirements.
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