Financial Services
Financial services companies are operating in an increasingly complex market: from rapidly changing regulatory landscapes to the distribution of complicated and sophisticated products. The pressure is on to modernize and standardize their approach to managing and communicating policies, optimizing operational efficiencies, and monitoring conduct risk. 
Access Compliance FS provides financial services companies the platform to meet these challenges – quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. And with enhanced tools and content for specific market segments, Access Compliance FS is an even more meaningful and powerful solution.
Access Compliance FS
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General Corporate
Today’s environment of increased regulations and close scrutiny of corporate accountability requires companies to have effective compliance programs that efficiently disseminate their policies and educate and guide their employees. From global consumer retailers to regional manufacturing companies, the need to strengthen internal controls, implement proactive compliance management programs, and develop strong risk cultures is paramount. 
Access Compliance provides the industrial strength platform to help corporations accomplish these tasks.
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Higher Education
The compliance environment for Colleges and Universities is changing faster than ever. And the need to protect their students, faculty, staff – and reputation - is unprecedented.  Not only do they need to implement comprehensive compliance and risk programs, they need to develop strong risk cultures, encouraging ethical behavior at every turn.  This is their new normal.
Access Compliance EDU helps executives and administrators accomplish these tasks seamlessly. And with CFM's high-quality content, Access Compliance EDU offers specific solutions to common high-risk issues.
Access Compliance EDU 
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