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Policy Management

The complex process of managing policy and procedure development and implementation directly affects organizational performance. Employees need to find the right policies and procedures quickly and administrators need tools to simplify the policy management process. The Policy Management GRC Tool enables your organization to achieve these results. It helps you centralize, organize, communicate, and track your policies and procedures.

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Centralize. Organize. Communicate. Track.


Finding a policy or a procedure quickly when you need it can be frustrating. The Policy and Procedure Management application eliminates this frustration by directing you to a single site for all your policies and procedures. No more searching endlessly to find what you need.


Organizing and maintaining policies and procedures across lines of business or departments can be challenging. The Policy and Procedure Management application simplifies this process. Administrators can organize policies and procedures by type, category, line of business, etc.; control who sees what; and manage individual policies and procedures throughout the policy life cycle.


Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is a constant challenge. The Policy and Procedure Manager alerts employees to new procedures or recent changes to policies via e-mail. Plus, employees only see what they need to see–—that is, they have access only to those policies, procedures, and related documents that you want them to see.


Knowing that an employee has been made aware of a policy or a procedure is of critical importance. The Policy and Procedure Manager tracks each user’s visit to a policy and any acknowledgments of new (or changes to) policies and procedures, creating a critical audit trail.

Key Features

Centralized Management

One location for managing - and viewing - all policies, procedures, and manuals.

Dashboard Views

View dashboards for summary of all policies, as well as for individual policies and procedures.

Policy Summaries

Simple easy-to-read, one-page summary of Policy Status and User Activity.

Policy Attributes

Organize policies with standard and custom attributes.

Flexible Review Workflows

Automate your review and approval process with customizable templates.

Easy-to-Navigate Policies

Options for single- or multi-page policies, with page navigation for long scrolling pages.

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